Bug with discount

When I copy, lets say, an offer with discount on some items, to a customer order, then the discount column in the customer order is not showing, the prices are right, on the pdf the discount column is visible, but not in the form of the program. If you check the discount check box in the order then it shows up but prices changing as it was without discount. The same happens when you copy from order to invoice

I can duplicate this problem. I’ve moved this issue to the Bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (17.7.52)

Tanks @lubos

@lubos the problem is still there. Further more, although I download the latest version and istall it the “about” shows version 17.7.43

Well, you can’t say the problem is still there if you have difficulties to upgrade to 17.7.52

Did the procedure for upgrade change?
I download the new server zip file.
Delete the old files form my HDD
Unzip and copy the new files

Am I wrong?

Download from here:


I just downloaded from the link you’ve posted and I get version 17.7.54 so the issue is definitely somewhere on your end. Perhaps your web-browser is not downloading anything and just showing the older download. Clear download cache in your web-browser and try again. Or use different web-browser.

Or download file to a different destination

To upgrade Manager, Do not Uninstall the previous installed Manager Software.
Just download the new version and start installing it. (Do not uninstall the previous one)
After Installing complete check the updated version in About tab.

The same problem is happening when you clone a Quotation or a Sale Order to Purchase order.

do you mean the discount?

sales and purchase are two different things.
there is no point in cloning the discount given to a customer expecting the same discount to be received from your supplier.

You are right, but it happens,

If you clone a sale order with discount to a purchase order the you clone discount also which is not even visible, which I think is a bug

I can reproduce this. But since this thread has already been cleared as a bug once, I’m going to open a new topic.