Copy report to Excel

When I copy a report to the clipboard and paste it into excel the formatting does not match what a pdf would show. Headers, dates are missing. I believe this worked OK once but not sure. Am I missing something?

That is because you are copying in TSV format. See Copy lists and reports | Manager. If you want what a PDF would show, create a PDF.

You may be remembering the old Export function, which was removed several months ago. Exports were in HTML format.

Well OK, the new and “improved” export to excel in TSV does not report these header items

Company name
Report title
Periods(s) covered
Cash/accrual basis

I can live with that (I guess, what choice do I have?) But now I see that the copy-to-clipboard function also does not report ‘total lines’. The header line for a group of accounts (say Auto expenses) which has 5 or 6 or 10 separate lines (say fuel, R&M, rentals etc.) appears on the report BUT a total for the group does not. I have tried both with and without the new (to me) New Total button but no joy either way. Is it possible to get sub-totals exported to excel?

All the items you mentioned are included when copying reports to the clipboard and pasting into a spreadsheet. You need to update your software, as what you describe was a bug fixed a month ago in version 20.10.84.

The New Total button under Chart of Accounts is not new. It has been there for years. And it has nothing to do with whether totals appear when copying a report to the clipboard. It adds an interim total to the design of the chart of accounts, such for a gross margin or profit before interest and taxes.