Recurring Sales Invoices | Batch Create or Update

This is a lot of recurring sales invoices and probably some kind of subscription or indexed lease agreements which need frequent/monthly updates. But anyhow, if an update is needed a Batch update would most likely be very handy in such cases.

Also, I can imagine some companies with many non-indexed agreements, such as lease-, facility- or other agreements, would be willing to use Manager if such a feature for Recurring Sales Invoicese was available. Although agreements would not change often, I think having the option to batch update is important. All the agreements data could be stored in Recurring sales invoices with use of the powerful Custom fields feature. This would probably seem like a convenient approach for some companies if they don’t have to use external software to store their agreements and import regularly into Manager.

You can manage everything outside and batch create directly the sales invoice periodically. See for example this thread about financing:

In the end I’ve created a sort of custom module in excel that creates journal entry periodically.

@davide I know about the batch create for sales invoices and I use it alot, but my point was only in relation to some companies, not all companies, if this feature was available. Thing is, for some companies, Excel knowhow and/or amount of data does not always warrant such powerful feature as Batch Create or transfer of sensitive sales data input between Excel and Manager. Also there is maybe not always the same employee doing this specific task etc. Or said differently, why do it if you don’t have to if Manager can do it. Therefore having the data tucked in safely and nicely inside Manager could be a good option for some companies was my point.

For more complex agreements/invoicedata or more amount of data then usually there are bigger companies involved using specialised external software where Batch Create is easy-peasy, or better API :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you. That’s one proposal I made a few weeks ago that goes in this direction.

Recurring Sales Invoices and for us recurring Purchase Invoices are great as well. However we also fall into that category where editing them each month is a task, so yes we are very interested in some easy update method for these recurring documents which will make them current and ready to issue (Bulk Email).
Just quietly the due date or a specific date is an important one for us in many areas … Here are a few thought expressed over time Recurring Dates changing and Recurring Set up Date for month end payslip, and Recurring invoices due by date set to a specific date each month

With that said the SI and PI descriptions change slightly each month so this Rajwani request is of interest to us too.

@Rajwani You can batch create actual invoices, mark them with a special description, search for them and scroll through the list and copy them to recurring invoices.

This isn’t the most efficient way possible, but this the most efficient way available (or at least that I can think of).

It would be nice to have a list of actions to perform on the invoice list view in a similar way to batch delete.

It should go like this:

  1. Check boxes for invoices you like
  2. Click on a context menu for batch actions
  3. Select copy to recurring invoices.

I think that would be great to have.

@Ealfardan yes I agree, I had noticed the possibility of this copy approach and I think this is very much a viable method as batch creating of Recurring Sales invoices is probably not done so often. This same method could also apply to Recurring payslips.

Another, not as advanced approach, is to create just one new sales invoice and when viewed the Copy to / New recurring sales invoice can be selected more than once for that sales invoice. This might be convenient if there is only small number of Recurring sales invoices to be created.

So maybe users can do without Batch Create for Recurring Sales invoices and Recurring Payslips as the Copy approach can be used.
For Recurring Payslips users can maybe do without Batch update as there are maybe not so many payslips for most companies, but for large number of Recurring Sales invoices I think doing updates without Batch update can get to be a difficult chore, like @Rajwani says he has 1.000 recurring sales invoices

Thank you for your suggestions and inputs @Ealfardan and @Tor.

Manager has recently added this feature; I must be thanks to their team for quick support!

I agree and impressed with the idea! However, I have check the possibility it is not working like Batch Delete or Batch PDF for multiple selection. Copy to option is available only once we select individual invoice.

@Tut @lubos Can you please check the possibility of Batch operation as suggested by @Ealfardan.

It is quite some time, is there any progress on subject.

In addition to above, it is requested to please add following

  1. ‘View’ option once recurring SI is created.
  2. ‘Clone’ option like other tabs.
  3. Create and add another’ should work like other tabs that once a entry is created it should reflect the same for ‘add another’; for example items, account heads, division etc are enter it should be able to reflect last entry to increase efficiency in the work.

Only completed transactions can be viewed or cloned. Recurring sales invoices are neither. This was explained to you in post #2 above. You are waiting for something that will not happen. Your third suggestion does not reflect how recurring invoices work or what they are for. Further invoices are noticed when due, not because you want one for a new customer.

Third option is requested as we are creating recurring invoices and it will surely bring efficiencies save the time of user who creates it.

Your comments are noted. I think, I have requested and added with a suggestion to Manager which may be consider. I am sure this will assist other users too the way user operate this tab/feature.

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It is requested to please add following functionality in reoccuring invoices

  1. Invoice No. - automatic sequence of last issued invoice
  2. Line item description - updated in item name description but the same should reflect while issuing batch sale invoices.

This one is already there, but it’s a checkbox at the bottom.

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Thank you for your kind support @Ealfardan !!

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Please explain what you mean by this. Illustrate with screen shots.

Let me add some briefing, we have to charge monthly tuition fee to students therefore it is important to distinguish ticket items with month name [MMM]. However, this is the standard fee applied to all students.

We understand that there could be two approaches,

  1. To create monthly fee as separate ticket item
  2. To create universal item and change the description every month

As there are a lots of invoices therefore reoccurring invoices was suggested and we opt the same. Option 1 is very lengthy and manual. Option 2 seems efficient so we proceed with the same.

Now, you can refer to screen shot for your reference. Pre-defined services are created as non-inventory and added a description.

Details on reoccurring sales invoice

Change description on change of month.

However, when Sale Invoices are created through Batch Create TFOCT-2021 should be added to new Sales Invoices created in Oct. Unfortunately, description shows previous description which was selected while creating Reoccurring Sale Invoice. It is requested that once a Batch Create is processed it should call the updated description from the item.

@Rajwani, you are giving the program credit for intelligence it does not have. A description for a non-inventory item will be used wherever that non-inventory item is used. If you change the description in the non-inventory item’s definition, it will be changed when that non-inventory item is referenced in a new situation. If you do not, it will not.

However, when you create a recurring sales invoice, you are no longer calling the non-inventory item from scratch. You already did that when you created the template of the recurring sales invoice. So the description that is there, whether from the default definition at the time or some edited description you put in, will remain. The new description that you substituted in the non-inventory item’s definition will only be used if you generate a new recurring sales invoice, in other words, if you create a new template for future invoices.

I think you are trying to put too much detail into your documents. If you include a line item on a sales invoice for a non-inventory item named “Standard Monthly Tuition Fee,” and that sales invoice is dated in October, do you really need to also include the month in the line item description? Can you not rely on the date of the sales invoice to indicate that the fee applies for October? Or perhaps you need to name the non-inventory item as “Upcoming Month Tuition Fee” or something similar. That gets you away from having to edit either non-inventory item definitions or recurring sales invoices every single month. Your current practices just make unnecessary work.

I can understand it. But I hope there could be a way to add a layer to refresh descriptions while Batch Operation is process. Programmer would be able to add insight comments.

This does not suffive as there are other additional ticket items charged on installmet such as annaul fee etc. However, we need a report for each ticket item like monthly tuition fee and other fee items which we are trying to obtain using Sales report and Custom Reports by filtering these description.

We are re-assessing existing processes and trying to automate the system by following Manager’s built-in as max. as possible; we are hopefull with your guidance we would be able to eradicate unnecessary work and opt efficient processes!