Copy from Payment/Receipts to Purchase/Sales Invoices

Can we copy data back to purchase and sales invoice from Payments and receipts, as sometime we quickly create payments or receipt for print and later want to enter the relevant data to the corresponding invoices.

Once you’ve got paid for the sale, then why do you need a sales invoice?
This guide may help Make cash sales (sell without sales invoices) | Manager

One reason would be so that all customer transactions appear on the customer statement report and the customer transaction list.
At the moment, even if the customer is selected in the receipt, the cash sales do not appear on the customer statement report or the customer transaction list.

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A similar concept to your request is in ideas. See this thread:

and proposed solution:

Yes Mr. AJD, you are right. We want to track the transactions for future based on customer.

Strictly speaking, a statement is a summary of a debtor account. Cash sales, which are not debts, rightly don’t go onto a statement (which is basically a reminder to the customer of what he owes).

Being able to see all of a customer’s transactions in one place is useful for internal purposes, but I don’t think the statement is the best report for that.

I disagree. A statement is exactly that—a statement of whatever facts it includes. It might be a statement of receivables transactions, but it can also be other things.

But in this case, “statement” has a particular meaning. It is a “statement of account”, to give it its full name. Account here has the same meaning as when you say “I bought on account” or “I opened an account”, meaning you bought on credit or you have opened credit facilities. Therefore in this sense account refers to a debtor’s record of transactions. A statement of account is a summary of that record.

You may want to argue that a creditor’s list of transactions could also be a called a statement in this same sense, which is true, but in practice debtors don’t normally send statements to their creditors.


That is a name you invented. The program titles the report as “Statement.”

That is a lot of invented definition for a term that is not used by the program. You might just as well say that the non-existent “account” is the story about what you did on vacation. Since the term isn’t used, it has no meaning.

That is a title I have given it? Man, I am so surprised to hear that here, on what is supposed to be a forum of accounting professionals. “The program” titles it? Accounting terminology came into being long before accounting programs, man. I really don’t know what to say.

The forum is for Manager users, not all are accountants and it is not about accounting but about how to use Manager. However, you are right that a Statement of Account is the better name for Customer Statement, but there is no need to start getting personal and use “man”, I would advise you to keep the conversation professional rather than getting emotional.

No offence was intended. Where I live, “man” carries the same meaning as pal, or buddy. Note taken though. I will be more careful about such sensitivities going forward.

Not that I want to needlessly prolong the argument, but I hope the contradiction in “it is not about accounting but about how to use Manager” is not lost on you.


Manager is an accounting application. Therefore note that users as mentioned before do not need to be accountants nor professionals in that field. They either should obtain professional accounting advise or learn basic using websites such as accounting coach about to how to set up their accounts in their jurisdiction outside this forum and then go to Manager and do so.

Note the rules FAQ - Manager Forum [emphasis added]:

  • Be realistic. Remember this Forum is for help about Manager accounting software. While many questions about HTML and Liquid code are appropriate in the context of using Manager’s customization capabilities, we are not a source for general software and information technology training. Nor are we a resource for fundamental accounting training. You may need to hire local support if you are customizing something, setting up your own server, or need help with accounting principles.

Thanks for taking the trouble to clarify. I would have thought though, that my earlier efforts to help clarify an accounting concept which, as I saw it , was not so obvious to others, would be in line with what you have just said. But we’re good, mate. No problem.


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Any possibility to have this feature in future?