Copy cash receipt to Purchase Invoice

I’ve been using Sales Invoices to record all the daily POS activity. One feature that was very helpful was the ability to copy that to a Purchase Invoice, as my inventory is supplied on account. I “purchase” it when I sell it.

Recent changes to Manager make it much more sensible to do the daily POS activity as a Cash Transaction. But the Copy to Purchase Invoice function isn’t available, or I can’t see it. Can this be added? Or if it exists please advice the procedure to access it.

The ability you ask about does not exist. But what changed that prompts your desire to change your workflow? Presumably, you must have been using some generic POS customer for your sales invoices. Why won’t that still work for you?

Because part of the workflow involved transferring money from a liability account to accounts receivable with a Journal Entry every day to cover prepaid services rendered. The number of overpaid/underpaid invoices is way out of control now. Whether the Journal Entries are out of whack or the cash payments put against the invoices after the Journal Entry was done are somehow out of sync I don’t know.

Cash Receipts are much simpler.

Instead of a Journal Entry I’m now able to record a negative amount against the liability account on the Cash Receipt, which is more reflective of the actual state of the business.

To square the books I plan to go back on the old invoices and make such an entry on the invoice, then eliminate the corresponding Journal Entry. My tests have determined this is workable.

The Journal Entry approach was always cautioned against by you and others. I make mistakes and I learn.

My current work around involves copying the line item information from the Cash Receipt to an open document in Windows Notepad. Then reentering that information on the Purchase Invoice. It’s not terrible, but a little more open to making errors and a tad more time consuming.

So it sounds like your trouble comes from how overpaid invoices are now handled, as described in this release note: [17.9.28] Improvements to automatic credit allocations. You should be able to fix things by simply deleting invoice selections. Manager will then distribute funds based on oldest unpaid due date, just as it did before. The only difference is that overpayments are now marked as such, with the overpayment remaining associated with the invoice, instead of rolling forward. But if the “rolling-forward” behavior worked for you, you can still take advantage of it by deleting those invoice numbers. That may be a simpler recovery method. And you can still modify your workflow going forward, if you want.

Thank you for the tip I’ll take a look at that.