Create invoices from delivery notes or goods receipt

Is there any option through which we can fill details as per the delivery note or the goods receipt?

You need to clarify your question. Fill details where? About what?

Suppose i create a delivery note or a goods receipt first, then i go to purchase or sales invoices there i have to enter all details again like item name, item quantity, buyer/supplier. So i want to know is there anyway so that in purchase or sales invoices can fetch the data from delivery notes or goods receipt.

Read the Guide: Use the Copy to function | Manager. A goods receipt can be copied to a purchase invoice. The reasoning is related to what you wrote. A supplier might ship goods so you receive them before you receive the supplier’s sales invoice to enter as a purchase invoice.

But a delivery note cannot be copied to anything. There is no reason you should ever deliver goods before entering some other form of sales documentation (sales quote, sales order, or sales invoice). Several aspects of inventory management would be negatively affected. And your financial position would be misrepresented.

That is an extremely naĂŻve comment.
There are many everyday situations where businesses deliver goods before invoicing them.

The local engineering supplies business only issues account customers with “dispatch dockets” for goods taken and then creates one invoice at month end - because items are frequently exchanged.

A vehicle spare parts supplier may forward to the mechanic several options of the one spare part (say alternators) as the vehicle manufacturer changed design during production. The difference between them could just be the position of a mounting bolt.

Businesses that provide appro (on approval) services all issue a form of delivery note prior to the invoice.

And that is just a quick sample.

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