How do I receive inventory

I have issued the PO, I have paid for the goods, and the goods have arrived. Now I need to receive the goods to inventory. How do I do that?

From accounting point of view, inventory quantity is increased when you purchase items. E.g. receiving and recording purchase invoice from supplier under Purchase Invoices tab.

Okay, that is what I thought, but I cannot find a way of moving the line items from the PO to the Purchase Invoice. Does this mean I need to manually reenter the line items from the PO to the Purchase invoice?

When you are viewing purchase order, you can click Copy to... button and select New Purchase Invoice

Thank you, Thank you. Works like a charm!!!

When I view the purchase order I do no get a copy to option? Only options are Edit, Clone, Print, Email

You probably need to update your software. Current version has Copy to... button for copying to a new purchase invoice.