Contract included in Sales Quotes


Would it be possible to have a setting to enable contract attached to sales invoice?

If I were implementing this I would want it to meet the following criteria:

  1. All pages would be generated with headers and footers that contain in either or both the page number, quote number, client info, company representatives name, the date of quote, etc…
  2. The contract would be inserted after a “Page Brake” so that the formatting is clean.
  3. The page brake is important to me because, while I can’t thank you enough for this truly amazing and powerful software, there have always been issues printing multi-page documents from it and getting the pages to look clean and neat. At times it has even split a line of text horizontally. While this is a very small price to pay for the ability to Open Source accounting software, it would be nice if the invoice/quote formatting would be independent of the following contract.
  4. The last item should be a signature block including printed name, signature, organization, position, etc…


You can already do this on sales invoices through view templates which allow you to override HTML code and add new elements. If you don’t know HTML, you would need HTML designer though.

It’s not possible to do it on sales quotes yet because view templates don’t support quotes but it’s coming very very soon too.


Thank-you for the reply. I will dig in to that and see if I can get it to look like I want.