Change receipts

Hi All
Is there a way to change transactions from Receive money to spend money as I’ve quite a few transactions that are showing up as credits instead of payments in the GL Transactions
I think when the bank transaction was created with the receive money instead of spend money, the account codes are correct they’re expense codes
I could delete those transactions and recreate just trying to save some time if they could be reversed

Many thanks

it can be reversed with Batch Update but it is harder than deleting and recreating because you will also have to change the accounts the line items are linked to. And most importantly the accounts are not plain text but hexadecimal codes.

Thank you for the prompt reply sharpedrivetek. I was afraid it might be the case
While I’m on the topic to prevent further issues in the future is there a way to have separate drop-down tabs with the appropriate account codes assigned at the moment the expense codes are first then the income and then others
I hope that makes sense

Many thanks

i think you are using an older version of Manager. there are no longer Spend or Receive money options in Manager.
Manager has adopted New Receipt and New Payment options a long time back.
you should update to the latest version else no answer on the forum or guides will make sense to you.

Thank you for the response I’ve downloaded the latest version of Manager and I’ll update but I wont do that until I’ve completed the 2019 year end I’ve had issues previously doing an upgrade

download only when you are ready to update. the program advances rapidly and you may even be 100 versions behind within a period of one month.

you will not face any issues if you follow the exact instruction in the guide

To ensure you can undo an update; make a backup of your business and keep the installation file for your old version of Manager.

There will never be a better time to update, @JFinis1. The last three weeks have seen only one updated version release. And there are fewer reported bugs right now than at almost any time in the past. More important, since the Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tab were merged into a single Receipts & Payments tab in August 2018, you can change one to the other with a simple dropdown selection. In other words, the changeover was engineered for exactly what you want to do.

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