Packaging for NixOS

In order to package for NixOS, we need download links that point to specific versions of Manager. Specifically the .deb file.

Currently on the download page, we just get this:

It would be great if we could have archive links that point to specific releases, similar to how Steam has:

Wouldn’t it be better if Nix package would be made automatically like it is for Ubuntu or Fedora?

What’s involved in creating a Nix package?

Nix is not like Ubuntu or Fedora, it’s a functional package manager. It requires content-addressed dependencies for reproducibility.

Hi Lubos, will there be any progess on this? The only thing that needs to be done on Manager’s side is for all versions of Manager to be downloadable over a persistent link. Even if the link was offloaded to something like I think it would work.

The main reason why links don’t contain version names is mostly because other websites are hotlinking download URLs and thus making people download older versions.

I guess I can make an exception for certain binaries such as DEB, RPM source packages. This would make NixOS packaging easier.

Awesome. NixOS has tooling to convert debian packages.

The download is now organized into sub-folders by version. You can check Download | Manager

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Awesome, I’ll look into packaging it soon.

My progess is here: Trying to package · Issue #30926 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

@lubos if you are able to help, that would be great! I mostly need to understand the dependencies that you’re using. Especially the xaml dependency.

Does NixOS contain package called mono-complete ? This should include xaml dependency.

I’m not sure. There’s only the mono package itself. Is there a mono command line command that you can run to find out all available dependencies?