Concern about vendor lock-in

I like Manager desktop s/w. But I have a concern about vendor lock-in for the desktop version. I’d appreciate if anyone can help me before I start to invest a lot of effort and time using it. I tried to find the answers myself but failed. This is regarding the desktop version.

  • Is there a way to transfer the data to other accounting software?
  • How old is the company and the software?

Thank you.

You better search the forum. By the way interesting that you are concerned about the Desktop edition as it is free.

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It is not about the cost but if the software is no longer supported in the future, or if I decided or have to use some other software.

  • most users address this by maintaining records from the old accounting system (keep a copy of the desktop Manager program & data file). Set starting balances in the new program and uses that going forward.

  • transferring data between programs is specific to each program pair. Manager can export raw data via batch update but you need to have the expertise to format that to the requirements of your new program

Thank you so much for your answers.

NGSoftware Pty Ltd dates back to 1981, under a different name. It adopted its current name in 2005. The Manager accounting software goes back to at least 2013, and probably before.

You will always be able to use either the desktop or server editions you have downloaded and installed, regardless of what happens to NGSoftware. Any software carries the risk of obsolescence or failure of the developer to furnish support. Your business continuity planning should take those risks into account, and you should have a backup plan, no matter what software you use. History is filled with examples of industry-dominating software that is no longer available (Netscape Navigator, ClarisWorks, etc.).