Concept VAT report

In one of my businesses is the report Concept VAT report missing. The language is Dutch.
All other business do have that report. How can i add that report? I use version 19.1.32 Kind regards TV

Is this the only VAT report you are missing or do you miss others too.
When the latter that is the case, you didn’t active the VAT-codes.
When it is only the “concept BTW-aangifte” that you are missing, I don’t have any clue.

Hei Hennie,
Thanks for responding. All other reports are there I’m only the concept VAT report missing.
In all other business this report is present.

Are you sure you have activated one of the Netherlands tax codes in this business? The report is for Dutch users only and does not appear until at least one Netherlands tax code is activated.

Hi Tut,
Thank for responding and that was indeed the problem. I activiated one of the standard dutch VAT codes and the report is there. But how can i differentiate eg between 9% to pay taks and 9% to reclaim tax both uses the same account ?? Kind regards Voeto1

You are right.
All tax-codes use the same VAT-account as you find in the General Ledger scheme. As long as you use the standard codes all tax-reports work fine. In case you create your own tax-codes, they are ignored when producing the standard reports.

Thanks for responding, Each (dutch) tax code should have at least two leger account codes , one for the reclaimd tax and one for the pay tax. Now in the standard reports all is posted to only one account and therefor not giving the correct ledger. Kind regards Voeto01

I disagree with you that you need to have at least two ledger accounts, one for the reclaimable and one for the payable VAT. There is no such article in the Dutch law saying so and neither in other European laws. Otherwise the developer would have implemented this. I have more than 40 years of experience in accounting and the way Manager deals with VAT is correct. It is a mixed account but you can always drill down to the very last detail. I don’t think the developer will implement this and you are the first person on this forum complaining about this.

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Dear @hennie,

that’s not true for the whole europe. In Italy is compulsory to have different ledger if you have more than one “sezionario IVA” ie more than one VAT division. I can divide the VAT division with custom tax accounts but the reporting has to be radically adjusted in excel to be compliant with the law. Right now the standard report is useless unless you have only one VAT division.

I suggested @lubos to have custom fields also under tax codes and to have a more detailed exposition to custom report to solve this issue and he told that he will work on it.

I had better written: as far as I know neither in other European countries.
But anyway, the topic starter claims that each tax-code should have at least two ledger account-codes. That is anyway in the Netherlands not the case.
When it is the case in Italy, Lubos has some work to do to implement this.

Thanks everbody for contributing. Close for now and maybe i get back to this later. Gr Voeto01