Common question and suggestions regarding server edition

I bought this server edition couple of days back. I can’t find the check for updates option or any pop up notification so we will know that new version is available. How will we know if new updates are available?

Also, when creating any order (sales/purchase/expenses/money transfer/any option) it will be good that if we know who created any particular order.


There are typically several new versions daily. There is no point upgrading more than once a month unless your issue has been resolved in the latest version.

I like your suggestion of tracking who has created what and when. I might implement it this week, will see.

can you please tell me when we can expect the above requested option.
i think it is very important for many companies who have multiple people using manager server edition.

I actually realized this is in scope of upcoming Audit trail functionality which is a lot more than just showing who has created particular record. Audit trail is not coming earlier than next month though.

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It’s ok we can wait. Thank you for amazing application.

i would like to request you to add an import and export sales orders in CSV format.

i will create website where all my customers will have their own usernames and passwords.
then willl fill out all the fields which i provide them on website and click submit.
like that lets say 10 customers submitted their purchase order. All the information will get noted on CSV file.
At the end of the day we take tthat CSV file and import on application.
which can create sales invoice/orders very fast.
Here, in my website i will create the fields according to application so it will easy to import in the application.

CSV is not really good format for importing sales orders. XML or JSON would be more appropriate because sales orders can contain multiple line items and CSV can’t handle this well.

Manager will soon include API so your website could be directly posting orders to Manager. Or Manager could have embedded “customer portal” where your customers could be posting orders, viewing their past invoices, customer statements etc. So you don’t have to build website like this yourself. I image this would be quite generic requirement for many businesses.


When can we expect this option?

API could be next month, or the month after.

i would like to request you for one more option.

We need to generate automatic purchase invoice number like in sales invoice.
now im entering manually.
for auto generation we need to generate purchase order then clone that to purchase invoice.
we dont need purchase order for the generation of purchase invoice number (time consuming).

and other request is
like we see in currency prefix/suffix. it will be easy if we have for purchase and sales invoices both
purchase invoice
prefix is 1400xxx and suffix is -08
so it looks like 1400xxx-08
14 is the year and 08 is the month
and same for sales invoice also.
this will help in referencing any onflicts
this is available in sales invoice already but problem is:
in the manual receipts i give to customers the printed number now running is 1400345-08
but same invoice in manager application is 1408155