Questions before purchasing manager

Hi there,

we would like to purchase the server edition.
however we have some simple questions before we do that and hope that you can give us some simple answers.

(1.) First things first, is manager encrypted via Ioncube or do we have the complete sourcecode (PHP Files etc.) ?
(2.) Does manager have an API so we can extend it or connect our own sites with it ?
(3.) Does manager allow multiple languages (we are based in germany and mainly speak german, so we would like to have it bilingual, so english and german.) We can work on a translation if there is none for german, but does manager support that.
(4.) How does the license check work, is it possible for us to use our CDN (content delivery network) so our manager instance will be running on different servers under the same domain in the exact same enviorment.
(5.) Does manager have ability to export all data in clean “Input-Output” Format, as requierd by our local tax office.

Thanks for helping us clear these questions.

Have a nice evening.

It doesn’t have an API with the desktop version. If there’s any, there’s no documentation.

The product is still in development and lacks the basic AUDIT TRAIL.

I just spent a day reading the documentation just to find out later that I have no way of figuring out what’s happening at the backend (with exception of some reports). And without that, you are basically in dark - forever!

UPDATE: I looked at the data files Manager creates and they look like SQLite databases. Opening up one of the files, I did find an AuditTrail table. May be they (@lubos) are working on it but the feature is lacking in the GUI.

On question #3, Manager is translated by volunteers. It is written in English. Deutsch currently shows 67% translation progress. You could join the translation team. Deutsch (Schweiz) shows 98% progress.

(1) I believe manager is written in C# (may be wrong).
(2) There is no documented API, but there was a topic on forum - basically you can make calls to it via links, so you can write simple wrapper to handle work needed.
(5) There is an export option, but it might not include all info needed by your tax authorities.

Audit trail is under development I think.