Tracking code reports

I would like to generate Cash Summary and Balance sheet for each Tracking Code separately.

Please provide me with the Query String.

Tracking codes make no sense in the context of balance sheet or cash summary. They only make sense in the context of Profit & Loss Statement.

So the question is, why do you think you need such a report? Tracking codes is not the way to solve it.

I want to implement this Manager S/W for my Multi Location Business by making just one business in Manager

So by Tracking code I want see Cash Summary or Balance Sheet of that Particular Location (i.e Tracking Code ) ?

Are you getting my requirement?

So I’m assuming, it’s still single legal entity spread across multiple businesses.

It still makes no sense for you to split balance sheet by tracking code. Generally you want to know profitability per location… not list of assets/liabilities per location. Why? Because a lot of assets/liabilities belong to business rather than specific location.

Cash summary by bank account could be implemented though.

I am in a very different situation. Since I have a specific investor for specific location so I need to show each investor the assets and liabilities side differently.

N how can I implement cash summary by bank account . Could you please put some light on it.

Thanks for your replies.

I love your software, Its just that I want to tweak it according to my needs.

Looking forward to your reply.


Is that specific location also separate legal entity?

yes its by the same name but a separate entity. but I don’t want to create a new business for it.

A separate legal entity requires separate books of account. You will eventually get into major legal trouble otherwise.

If it’s separate business entity, you need to maintain separate business entity for it in Manager too.

In distant future, Manager will support consolidation when it will be possible to report on individual business entities and at the same time report on the group of businesses but that’s a bit far away.

Hey @lubos ,

I have more than 70 tracking code for airway operation. So on reports - I have to get tracking codes separately on the same page.(Profit-Loss Statement Comparison) Is there any quick way to chose the codes or needed to chose one by one?

You need to select them one-by-one.

What exactly are you doing that you require 70 tracking codes?

@lubos Here is the thing;

Every operation that I make occurs different bookings. So in the end I need to see all files’ profit-loss.

For exaple;

I have one shipment but they have several booking inside.

544 - DB 1234
544 - DB 3455
544- DB 2345 so on.

So in the end; We are making the different expenses for each booking number. That’s why I need to track the diffrent bookings.


So these are like different projects/jobs… right?

I have client like that (Shipment and Vessel Handling Company), I have created a tracking code for every vessel. Every vessel has it revenue and expenses and they want them separated on reports. They have about 35 and I have made tracking codes for all.

I used Tracking codes and custom fields heavily to set them up.

Yes correct