Column alignment changes when saved to pdf. Is there a solution?

Please look in to the 2nd & 3rd column which are added custom field.

this what manager shows…

this what when saved to pdf. But alignment as it is for default column.

Please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

please try searching the forum before posting new topics. these were discussed on the forum many times.

I am having the same problem. Worked fine before now it’s not. The ability to set the size of the custom field has disappeared on line items in invoices.

What problem are you having? The original poster did not report a problem, but observed as-designed behavior.

What does “before” mean? Some other time? Some prior version? If so, what version? And how did it work “fine?” The behavior of the program in this regard has not changed.

There never was an ability to set size for line-item custom fields. The only custom fields you could ever set size for are transaction-level custom fields. You still can.

The description used to be one line and the Date that is a custom field used to fit to the text. Now the Date is a lot bigger and forcing the Description column to wrap the text onto the next line. I have only noticed this problem since I updated my manager version. I will see if i can find out the version i was using previously where this worked correctly.

I stand corrected. This was never aligned properly when converted to PDF.

If I print and select PDF from printer options I get WYSIWYG. If I use the PDF Button it comes out all wrong.

Thank you for looking at this problem but is seems that this has never been addressed. I will have to resort to using Print function instead of PDF Button.

I don’t believe there was a need to. The column width of internally generated PDFs is tied up with things that go on with 60 different languages. When you see a form on screen, you are looking at something rendered by your operating system from HTML, so there is only what is displayed to contend with. Likewise, when you print and select a PDF option, you are using your operating system’s or a standalone PDF generator to convert the screen rendering. In that case, you also only have to contend with what is displayed.