Code or Item Code missing

I would like to thank you for such a good accounting software… I noticed that the first column named Code or Item code is missing. It could be something simple as enable the column, but I am struggling to find anything. I checked the forum and could only find similar topics but none on how to enable it. Does anyone know how to get it back? Refer to images below…

Columns appear on completed transactions only when they have content. So, for example, if you sell an inventory item that has a code assigned to it, the column appears. If you sell a service that does not, the column will not appear.

Your first screen shot has nothing to do with this, except that it suggests (whatever form it came from) that you don’t have any inventory or non-inventory items defined. So the field does not appear on entry screens.

Also, your second screen shot is taken from a sample view of a theme. Such views only provide general representations of the appearance of themes. They do not replicate content of any specific form. In fact, themes cover all form types, but with content relevant to the transaction involved.

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thanks Tut. Will test it… I wanted to use the code to specify the components of a computer. Unfortunately the components change quite often and to build such an inventory is a mammoth task.