Code of customer, supplier on document now?

Hi, just found out that now it also shows the “Code” which is used f.e. for the customer and f.e. also the supplier shows now on the document like sales order, purchase order? Any reason for that or why is that, older versions didn’t have this issue and i am not happy that it shows now on the document

sorry, attached same file 2x

Yeah. I think default themes should show everything.

If you don’t want to see the customer or supplier code, you can edit the theme to remove the variable. Make sure to upgrade to the latest version (16.11.63) as editing themes has been more streamlined.

See: [16.11.24] Added ability to create custom themes

In your case, when you edit theme, look for {{ recipient.code }} which is a placeholder for customer code or supplier code. So just remove the placeholder from your theme.

ok done. Actual i dont like this because have no idea at all on this issue. What i found out is that when i change, all fine, then update ok. But if then go to template and click one, just for try and go back to the first one, all changes are gone? So, in my case i should not click on any of the templates, otherwise all my changes are gone? But this is ok?

I was trying to make theme editing a bit simpler but now I reverted back to the original workflow.

So upgrade to the latest version (16.11.66) and follow this tutorial again (updated) [16.11.24] Added ability to create custom themes

Then it will preserve your custom theme even if you switch to different one.

ok, update done and adjusted it. Currently it looks fine for me. Just hope it later any update this template still ok and then no more need to update, THANKS

That is not likely to be the case, @Dietmar. Manager advances at a very rapid pace and routine updates are recommended.