Searching by partial dates don't work anymore

Search bank transaction by partial date don’t work

UK dates dd/mm/yyyy

If in search I enter 2022 or 10/2022 it used to show all year or month transactions now it returns 0 records

I think it is something to do with the pagination not being reset when searching

I cannot replicate the behavior you describe. I can only conclude that, if nothing is returned from a search for “2022,” the screen you were searching had nothing on it containing “2022.” Here is an example from a test business:

In this example, there was only one page of transactions for this bank account. But I also tested in a business with multiple pages and got the same results—everything worked correctly.

Can you post a screen shot of the previous page? (Obscure proprietary information if you wish, but not the dates.)

Hi Tut,

I think my error title is a bit misleading as it does not work only when having multiple pages, a bit edge case.

I have 8 pages of transactions:

Need to go to page 8

Only records from 2016 are available on that page.

Search for 2022 and get no results

However, it is wrong on pagination. It states that I am on page 8 out of 1 page.

If I click to go to the first page on pagination control, it will take me to the first page, pagination control is gone, and it shows the results

So it does work except when you are searching on a page that will be beyond pages on search results.

I also cannot reproduce behavior matching your modified description. The example below, a search for “2015,” returns every bank transaction containing that string, whether in a 2022 transaction that included “2015” in a reference number or transactions dating from 2015. (Only the first 3 lines of the search results are shown.)

None of the transactions dating from 2015 were visible on the first page of the drill-down. They were found from page 15, while searching on the default drill-down page that showed transactions only for 2022.

What edition and version number are you using?

Before you search, you want to be on the last page, not the first one.

  1. Click on the last page
  2. Try searching and it will come back with results but paginator keep you on page you search which is beyond that search results
  3. image

I am on the latest version


I got suspicious regards the version, ran the upgrade script, and I wasn’t on the latest (Release notes are not up to date on site, I guess bug fixes are not recorded there are just major features).

However, still can reproduce it on the latest:

I would say it’s a low bug and happens in very specific situations. The easy workaround is to search on page 1 always.

OK. Now I was able to replicate the problem and have added this topic to bugs. I have also added further description below:

@lubos, the problem is that all records in a tab are properly searched and returned only when displaying page 1 of X. It does not matter how many records are set to display on a page (50, 100, 250…). The search and return will even function correctly if the program is set to display all records on a single page, because that will be page 1 of 1.

But regardless of how many records are displayed per page, the problem @isklerius describes occurs when a search is entered while viewing page 2 of X, 3 of X, etc.

Fixed in the latest version (22.12.14)