Cloud vs. Server Edition

As fr as I can see you offer Server Edition and Cloud Edition. We are running two businesses in two different countries. The Hardware in both countries are quite different. So the simpel solution would be the Cloud Edition. But we would like this to have it on our own Cloud running.

Is that possible?

while a cloud edition supports custom domains i am not sure you can run cloud edition of Manager on your own cloud. after all that is what you are paying for, to have a cloud storage.

but it would be possible if you deploy a server on your cloud and install the server edition of Manager.

Cloud edition and server edition is the same program. The only difference is that cloud edition - we run the software on our servers for you. Server edition means you get the software and run it on your servers. But the software itself is identical in either case.

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very good!
Another Question:
I would like to Import Price Lists of different manufacturers. Only a few of these numbers will be in the Warehouse. But we need to have them as we can sell and order them from our supplier. Possible?

These price lists will be updates regularly. Also possible to update this?

It is possible to import XML or Excel Delivery notes and Invoices from our suppliers?

Read the Guide about batch operations.

You cannot import transaction forms, only lists.

Ok, I can use Batch Operations for Inventories

But how to import Delivery notes ( Goods receipts), Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, etc.?

@Tut already gave you the answer.

I understand, I have those documents in Data format. But I also need the batch functionality for more lists than in inventory only.

What about when I have to make a quotation of more than 300 lines? Type in manually?

Yes, unless you have a similar transaction to copy or clone.

Do you have the details for the transaction in a data format as well?

If so, you may be able to use the REST API to import it if you’re using Cloud/Server Edition. Consider discussing the matter further with a local programmer if you wish to pursue it.

No Problem. pls check this Link. This is just a sample:

Currently I am working on a desktop edition but need to change to Server very soon