Cloud version is not working


Just found last couple of hrs manager is very slow and not able to do AP process.


Can you be more specific?

  • Are you able to log on to your account? (In other words, is the web site not working, or just slow?)
  • What are you referring to as the “AP process?” What specific functions are you having trouble performing? Again, do they work at all, or are they just slow?
  • Are other functions (besides whatever you are referring to as the "AP process) working correctly?
  • Can you access other interactive web sites? Do you have any trouble with them?

Actully i am apply the payment on the suppliers but its taking long and get cresh. and restart the home page.
i can duplicate the entries and the letter editing them.

actully applying on Invoice is not working

You still are not being specific enough.

  • Are you entering a payment from a purchase invoice? If so, what part of the process is taking too long? Or are you entering a payment in the Receipts & Payments tab?
  • Does your entire computer crash? Or does the web browser crash?
  • Are there any error messages? If so, post screen shots of them.
  • What do you mean by “i can duplicate the entries?” What entries? And are you referring to cloning with the Clone button?
  • What are you referring to when you write, “…and the letter editing them?” What letter? Editing what?

Remember, no one on the forum can see your accounts. You must describe everything in detail.

I am Going to “Report for AP”
then Suppliers “Unpaid invoices”
then "Copy to New Payment "

After applying the specific invoices, Entry is not getting


@dinesh, this is very frustrating. You are apparently using the program in English. In that case, there is no “Report for AP.” The selection available to you in the Reports tab would have been “Supplier Statements (Unpaid Invoices).” You must have left out the step of selecting a supplier. Exact terminology from the program is important, although in this case, I believe I know what you did to get to the screen you showed.

You also have not answered many of my questions. You cannot get help if you do not answer questions asked of you. They are important to understanding what is happening. Please answer all the questions I have asked that you have not yet answered.

Your screen shot raises other questions, too:

  • Why are you making so many journal entries? Very few transactions in Manager should be entered with journal entries. You have 342.
  • Have you renamed the Accounts payable account, or did you create your own? Your ACCOUNTS PAYABLE account is showing in all capital letters. This suggests you tinkered with it in some way.
  • Are you manually numbering purchase invoices? I ask because the numbers shown in your screen shot are higher than the number of purchase invoices you have created.
  • Did you obscure part of the dropdown message in your screen shot? Or was the message itself blank?
  • What happens if you click the OK button in the dropdown message?

Finally, although it should not have anything to do with whatever problem you are experiencing, why do you have so many tabs enabled that you are not using? Any tab with a zero in the counter window could be disabled. This will simplify your interface.

Hi Sir,

Than you very much for you prompt study and revert.
Absolutely you are right Let me again explain you, what i am trying to do .

I am using “Supplier statement (Unpaid Invoice)” and the doing the further action “Copy to” New Payment

I need to pay some unpaid invoices from the suppliers, so i remove those invoices which i don’t want to pay.

After selection of the payment account, Once i hit hit the “create” its not getting done.

  1. Due to type of individual Transaction and interpersonal transaction we are frequently using JEs
  2. We created our own “ACCOUNTS PAYABLE” as as “control account” made for suppliers. (Before it was working normally)
  3. Yes we are manually numbering the purchases invoices “As per submitted invoices from the suppliers”
    4 I just tried to make a payment to one Supplier by “Receipt and Payment” Tab after filling the details again its showing the same.

I just enabled some tabs which is still not in used by users. (Your suggestion regarding this will be implemented)

Please advise, if you can find what is the prob.


Five further points:

  1. Why have you created your own custom control account, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE? After doing so, you must have reassigned suppliers to that control account. The end result is exactly what the default Accounts payable account already accomplishes.

  2. You wrote, “(Before it was working normally).” Before what? And if the program was functioning normally, why did you change something? And what did you change?

  3. You also wrote, “…so i remove those invoices which i don’t want to pay.” You cannot remove invoices from the Supplier Statement. So where did you remove them, and when? If you had deleted purchase invoices, they would not appear on the Supplier Statement. (Both these last two items are examples of leaving out explanations that are critical to understanding your problem.)

  4. In your last screen shot, which was presumably begun in the Receipts & Payments tab, you have no designated Payee.

  5. You still have not answered all my questions.

@dinesh There is some error but the error message is missing. Could you email me to ? I’m not able to reproduce this on my test file.

@lubos @ tut now its working normal ! Sorry for late revert. thank you very much for your availability for prompt support guys .