Cloud Edition & Server

If i want to work on cloud edition and want to have one computer server to keep data , is that possible ?

When you use the cloud edition, your data is stored and backed up for you. Those are the main reasons for using the cloud edition.

backed and stored where?

i want to back and store it in my company server ,in any time internet cut here , i can print any data i need and also if i want to work on this server in case internet cut.

You can do that whenever you want. Use the Backup button on the Summary page and store the backup on your system.

You need to make sure you have a copy of the latest version as you can not open a business from a newer version using an older version so download a copy of the program at the same time

On NGSoftware’s “servers” in the cloud. In practice, that means virtual servers with redundant backups.

That will only work if your internal network operates entirely independently of the internet.