Clone Inventory Option Idea


I already liked (:heart:) this idea above, but I also wanted to express my support for it as someone who often needs to create a new inventory item that’s very similar to an existing one.

Interestingly, this would be much less of an annoyance if multiple browser tabs could be opened at the same time, but since the desktop version of Manager is a website wrapped as a standalone “app” there’s no way to view two inventory items side-by-side, and repeatedly copy and paste values back and forth between them.


Yes, there is. Right click on a tab and select New Tab or New Window


@Joe91’s method applies to Windows. Other operating systems behave differently. A technique that may work more widely is to open a browser window, then drag the tab you want to open into it from Manager’s left navigation pane.

By the way, this has been discussed numerous times in the forum.


Oh Yes multiple tabs would be great.


I’m able to navigate to to use Manager in a web browser as long as the Manager app is running in the background. This allows me to use multiple tabs. I hadn’t encountered this possibility before, and I’m sorry about the dupe topic. Thanks!


You don’t need to navigate anywhere when using the desktop edition. Just open a browser window. Then drag the tab there from the Manager window.