Clone Chart Of Account

Is there a way to clone chart of account from another database to a new blank database so that I don’t need to spend time setting from scratch anymore.

In a word, no, as has been explained many times previously on the forum. The best you can do is import a backup of a similar business and make extensive use of Bulk Delete.

Honestly, though, so many new features have been added for accounts, I believe it worthwhile to start a chart of accounts from scratch. It is one of the most important things you do when setting up a new business. Cloning an old one would leave you with only the old features, depriving you of significant potential improvements to your accounting processes and displays.

It’s much simpler to re-modelling rather than re-do from scratch Tut.

Simpler, yes. But that was not my point. The easy approach is not necessarily the best. And, in this case, deprives you of options.

@rully_p please consider that each business is unique and may need their own specifics. Some design considerations are posted at Design a chart of accounts | Manager. Details about Build a chart of accounts | Manager building Charts of Accounts shows that besides groups, accounts and totals that the user can create that there are also a number of automatic accounts that get created when functions such as inventory are enabled in customize. Also some accounts can be created by the user in Control Accounts.

So while you could expand and change the generic chart of accounts as presented when you create a new business and even enable bank and cash, etc. there will be differences between the needs of businesses.

In summary yes you can create a business template that you first create and backup and whenever you need to setup a new business import that template and rename it. The amount of “tinkering” would reduce that way.