Client statements


Request from my clients
Most would prefer a monthly statement sent to them as one email not many at different times. Preference would be;
• Statement of course, Need statement to show outstanding invoices, all invoices, purchase orders, payments received since prior statement or within a period of time specified, basically anything that happened that month.
• Prefer email to be sent as one with multiple attachments, statement and copy of each invoice or credit memo mentioned in the statement

  1. Customer having 0 balance option to be sent or not
  2. Any type of transaction during the month will be sent zero balance or not
  3. Customer choice of either email or hard copy sent
  4. Place in reports to either print or email clients as a batch, so I do not have to go to each client individually.


@rustymars, when you create a customer statement under Reports, you have the option of including only unpaid invoices or all transactions. You can set the date range. Most of the rest of what you ask seems to be up to you: send a zero balance statement or not, include all transactions or not, send by email or hard copy as you wish.

The only thing Manager won’t do is batch processing. Seems like that’s a lot to expect from “free accounting software for small business.”


Thank you for the response, I had noticed the date range option and had been sending all relative data to the client as they were done. But got requests from clients just to send all as one email. what I have been doing is printing to a continuous pdf for each client . The statement each invoice or payment within that period saving that and sending on to client. Doing that takes 3-5 minutes per client @ 200 ish clients takes almost two days.
Since the email option is already there, I had thought there was no harm in asking.
I think the program is great and will be looking for the server option soon.


Your wording–“looking for the server option soon”-- may not have been exactly what you meant. I hope you are aware the server option is available now.

I find myself smiling that you are able to grumble about how much time you are spending on all your clients. Time to hire helpers! :wink: That’s a good problem to have.


Yes, but I have other things to implement prior to switching to the server option.

Hum, my wife says the same thing.