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Please check the image below and let me understand what is this for. Client invoice is dated - 08/03/2020 but here it’s showing 23 days ?


It is impossible to answer your question

  1. Not sure what you are showing - you need to show more of the screen/report
    2.Can you show the edit screen for the invoice in question - hide any proprietary or confidential information

The payment due date is calculated based on the invoice date and the terms on the invoice.


Sorry for the inconvenience, hope this image will give a better idea

ReportsCustomer StatementsCustomer — View

Client invoice is dated - 08/03/2020 but here it’s showing 23 days ?


Show the Edit screen from that invoice.

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I asked that already - also what date is set for the Statement?

I was just emphasizing that @vwits had not shown what you asked for.

Then you have entered an Invoice due date prior to the Invoice date.
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To give the Sales Invoice listing

And the Customer Statement

What is strange is that the invoice date is 8 March 2020 and the Due Date is 23 February 2020 so the due date is 23 days ago today which is exactly what Manager is showing

That’s what happens if you clone invoices and don’t change BOTH the invoice date and the due date.
Maybe there should be something in place to prevent due date before invoice date?

Common sense?

The invoices in the illustration were original creations not clones and there maybe justification for backdating the due date relative to the invoice date. Such as the settlement of a legal contract, due on Feb 23, but the full settlement details weren’t known until Mar 8, alternatively the invoice itself could have been backdated also to Feb 23.

Manager should always calculated the overdue period as from the Due Date until today’s date, the Invoice’s actual date is irrelevant for this calculation. Perhaps a “warning” could be displayed when a negative Due Date occurs.

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You have invoice cloning abilities in almost all advanced Accounting Systems and it helps!

Sorry I even mentioned it as a possible explanation!!!

It was a good suggestion, @VACUUMDOG, and there is no reason for you to apologize. If @vwits had provided the requested information (a screen shot of the invoice’s Edit screen), we would know whether your guess was correct. Instead, we’re discussing an illustration that might or might not illustrate the problem. And @vwits is defending the features of other accounting systems.

@vwits, can you please furnish the requested screen shot?

Do you have Invoice cloning abilities in Manager or not ?

If Manager has Invoice cloning abilities Don’t you think Manager falls under “advanced Accounting Systems” So where I was wrong ?

I never asked anyone to apologize, @VACUUMDOG did I ? I believe I am not quoted correctly here!

It’s a community and I believe everyone has a right to express their own views, that is how a community develops.

As for the issue that I have resolved - “When There Is a Will There Is A Way”

Everyone Stay Safe, that’s most important of all at this point of time…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes. Read Clone transactions and reports | Manager.

I did not understand why you first referred to advanced accounting systems, and I do not understand why you are bringing it up again. Nor do I understand why you are asking where you were wrong. I did not say anything about your advanced accounting system comment being wrong. My comment pointed out the fact that you never provided the originally requested screen shot, as a result of which forum members were left guessing about your situation.

In fact, you never said your issue was resolved. Nor did you mention how it was resolved. The community of this forum develops when members:

  • Provide complete information about their problem, including necessary screen shots (since no one can see your records)
  • Follow the suggestions of other members
  • Provide feedback about what worked or did not work so others can stop offering suggestions

If you don’t understand so many things at once then please let me know how I can help you understand for my better understanding :slight_smile:

I resolved it today, also please be aware that I am using Manager to evaluate the offering currently before I shift to using it from April 2020.

Also as you know beforehand I am a patient (Open Heart past 7+ months back) so I have currently restricted my hours of PC access also I have to share my time between atleast 10 - 12 forums. In India it’s March one of the most crucial months in accounting terms…I will share for sure!

Yes absolutely I never recommend anyone in a forum whether anyone will apologize or not, it’s their personal choice…you can however have different views about it and request people NOT to apologize.

No it didn’t in your Last reply It mentioned something else as below. So as per below Quoted text and your understanding - you are saying I should not have mentioned Manager Accounting under “advanced Accounting Systems”

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: