Cleared Payment reappear as Overdue

Sales invoices (since 2016) which has already been cleared as Paid has then reappeared as overdue.

However in Receipts & Payments, Receipt records still maintains and is still recorded.

Tried clearing it in Sales Invoices but it just creates another new Receipt record for the same invoice in the Receipt and Payment; while still recorded as overdue in the Sales Invoice.

what version of Manager?
what edition?
when did the issue appear?
does any of your invoices show as Overpaid ?
are you manually allocating the Receipts to specific invoices or just letting Manager do it automatically to oldest invoice first?

Hi. We are using the web version 19.10.15

This just happened hours ago. Its Monday here and as last week, it was fine.

No. None of our invoices showed as Overpaid.

I dont understand by " manually allocating the Receipts to specific invoices…"
Whenever we receive payment for a particular invoice via Sales Invoice, the payment was auto received for that particular invoice by Manager.

@Ann.TRT, check your start date under Starting Balances in Settings. If that accidentally was set to some date in the future, your receipts against past sales invoices would be ignored until that date arrives. See

If the start date is not your problem, post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of these receipts that should have been applied to a sales invoice but was not.

@sharpdrivetek was referring to specific designation of the sales invoice rather than just the customer. If, by “auto received” you are referring to clicking the New Receipt button while viewing the invoice involved, Manager is automatically making that selection for you. This process is only truly manual if you create the receipt from scratch.