Cheque Module

Will Cheque module be added in manager ? If yes, When ? Thanks

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Is this to track undeposited cheques you receive from customers or to track (unpresented) cheques you write to suppliers?

And in my country, when we receive the cheque from customers, we can send this cheque to suppliers again. How this possible; we can write our bussiness information and signature to back of the cheque paper.
I hope i can explain.

Have you got a plan for cheques ?

First I’m going to add new tabs Undeposited funds (which can be used for received cheques) and Cheques which can be used to track presented/unpresented cheques you write to suppliers. Once that is done (possibly still this month), let’s see what more is required and build on top of it.


My suggestion;
For example i have an invoice which is amount 4.000. Then i got 5 cheques from my customer and each cheque has different pay date.

Accounts receivable / İnvoice / 4.000
Cheque 1 / pay date 30.07.2014 / 800
Cheque 2 / pay date 30.08.2014 / 800
Cheque 3 / pay date 30.09.2014 / 800
Cheque 4 / pay date 30.10.2014 / 800
Cheque 5 / pay date 30.11.2014 / 800

And when the pay date comes then;

Cheque 1 / pay date 30.07.2014 / 800
Cash on Hand / Cash Account / 800 or Bank Account

And sometimes my customer can not pay the all of the cheque amount then;
You have 2 options;
1- Cheque 1 / pay date 30.07.2014 / 400
Cash on Hand / Cash Account / 400
When i get the report of cheques i must see this cheque has missing payment


2- Cheque 1 / pay date 30.07.2014 / 800
Cash on Hand / Cash Account / 400
Unpaid Cheques / 400 or something else

I hope i could explain. Sorry for my english.

I forgot one thing. You will say how can you get cash from the cheques. You must receive from bank. How is possible ?
I said before, in my country we have a commercial paper which is like cheques. This commercial papers are sold by stationery not bank :smile:

I will add these two tabs this month (August), then we take it from there. There is no point discussing it before you see the first implementation of it.


I need this module so much. I have got thousands or hundreds of cheque ( commercial paper ). I am entrying them to excel for now. But it is so difficult to understand balance of customers.

Any updates on this module?

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What happened to this module.

Any update on this module?

Hi Lubos , Any update on this module ?

I’m now working on this so this is imminent.

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so can we expect the cheque printing option soon??

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Hi, I recently download last version and I cant find how to activate the cheque module. Is this available on this version?

I need to receive a cheque from a customer and register it on a cheque account. Then later, probably, I need to pay to a supplier with some of this cheques or make a deposit in bank account.

I tryed to do this through a bank account named “Cheque account” but the operatory with cheques is some different that cash. Cheques are undivisible, have maturity dates, etc…

Then I suppose that a cheque module can help me, but I cant find it on Manager.

Any suggestion is welcome…

@hfiscella, have a look at

It explains how to record unpresented cheques to suppliers or undeposited cheques from customers.

Thanks @lubos for your reply. I have tried that, but I can’t fit this to the our needs.

I don’t know how are cheques used in others country, but here, in Argentina, the received cheques not always are deposited on bank account. Many times they are used to pay to suppliers. Moreover, cheques undeposited have a serial number, an issuing bank and a payment date, so, before the payment date, they are flowing like cash. An accounting software needs to track from where came (customer) and where went (supplier) the cheque, using for that the serial number and issuing bank as an cheque ID.

I am now doing this by a Bank Account named “cheques” where all this information is registered on “description” field and managed manually.

May be, in the future, you can introduce this to the Manager, although i don’t know how many user have the same problem.


If you are treating cheques as if it’s a cash, then create Cheques account under Cash accounts tab and when you receive cheque from customer, record it as if you’ve received cash. When you pay supplier with this cheque, you can spend money from cash account as if it’s a cash.

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Cheque payments should be simple:
Dr the expense account
Cr the Cheque account

having to first write a purchase order/invoice is unnecessary and duplicate work.

Currently, the CONTROL account called Cash at Bank is restrictive as it cannot be directly credited in any Gen Jnl. this is what the people on the forum want removed please.

thank you - urgently