Cheque feature


The cheque feature is not appearing in my system.


It has been integrated into the Bank account , you can notice this feature under uncleared payments on the banking account


Thanks. How do I enter the cheque details that I pay for accounts payable (or) the cheques I receive from my clients.


Bank accounts tab has two columns which relate to cheques:

  • Uncleared deposits
  • Uncleared payments

Cheques you have received from your customers are uncleared deposits and therefore to be recorded under Uncleared deposits column.

Cheques you have issued to suppliers and are unpresented are uncleared payments and therefore to be recorded under Uncleared payments column.


I have tried now and it’s working.

How I do move these transactions from uncleared to cleared?


Once your supplier deposits your cheque, it will appear on your bank statement. So either import bank statement or record new transaction under Statement balance column.

Categorize the payment to Uncleared payments account, then select the cheque #. This will mark the cheque as cleared.


Thanks. I have used it. It’s working.
Another query: what is CLONE ?


CLONE copies the transaction, such as a sales invoice or a payment, to create a new record of the same type without having to type all the same information. Perhaps you only have to change the date or the amount. Very useful when you pay for the same things month after month or repeatedly invoice the same customer for similar services.


the manager is very useful.
how do i save the data. and retrieve the backup data when the computer crashes.


All data is automatically saved by Manager instantly. To back up, click the Backup button at the top of any screen. When doing so, you should obviously choose a location on a different drive than the automatic data. This could be somewhere else on your network, another disk, or a flash drive.

To retrieve data, launch the application and on the opening page click the Add Business button, which is a dropdown. Choose Import Backup.


how do i activate the print feature.

Sir, I take a vehicle loan and the repayment is spread over 5-years on a monthly instalment basis. How do I account in the system


Pages that can be printed have a Print button. No activation is required.

There are two ways:

  1. Create a bank account for the loan, remembering to enter a negative value. When you make a payment, you can use the Transfer Money feature from your paying account. Allocate the pincipal portion of the payment to the loan account and interest to a separate expense account.

  2. Create a liability account. With this approach, you would enter a positive value for the loan. When making payment, use the Spend Money feature, again splitting the total payment as above.




Is it possible to include “Rupees in Words” in the report “Remittance Advice”


Sorry, that’s not yet possible.