Writing Checks (spend money) from Manager?

Can you set up numbered bank checks (from my business checking account) that will tie into expenses accounts that have been set up in manager? Can these checks (send money) then be printed through manager…like quickbooks?

Not yet, but the module Cheques is coming very soon.

Aprox when would be very soon?

Next month.

That’s great!

Thanks for quick reply.

Can you please let us know when this check module will be ready (receive/ spend money?

I’m new to Manager, have been searching Forum and Guides all weekend and have yet to find where/how to Print Checks. I have found it stated in several places that the feature would be available ‘soon’ and those topics were a couple of years old.

I looked for a ‘cheques’ module but it’s not showing on my end (Desktop).

Please point me in the right direction or update us on this feature.

Thank you!

P.S. I’m loving Manager and I’m a formerly long time Quickbooks user. Yay!

Printing cheques is not currently available.

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Any idea when it might be and is there a recommended alternative for Manager users?


It’s sort of possible with custom HTML template. Here is an example how it could be done:



Thanks for that.

Any update on when/if check printing will be available directly through Manager?

With Quickbooks I used a third party application (CheckLaunch) that interacted seamlessly with the check in QB, don’t know if anything like that would be an alternative.

It’s not a deal killer for me but it would be nice to have.