Check Box option for Paid/Received during INVOICE

Dear Manager Team,

Good day to you all.
It will be highly appreciated if you introduce the “Check Box” option for auto paid/received during preparing the INVOICE, and think it is unique and more convenient for Manager users.

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It is not quite clear what you mean. You cannot clear the obligation represented by a sales or purchase invoice by checking a box, and certainly not automatically. You absolutely must enter a receipt or payment, respectively.

Thank you for your response.

My clarification is as below:

Add a check/uncheck box to the Invoice so that the check box can be selected if the invoice is paid while creating the invoice. There is no need to go through the hassle of creating received/paid memos separately for paid invoices.

As i experience this facility in some other Invoice/Accounting software.

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@Prason when someone pays immediately for a service or product then you should just issue a receipt to the customer.

@Prasun on top of @eko 's response, where did you post the received(paid) cash into, in which bank account or cash account?