Chart of accounts

I have had to download a newer version of manager due to computer failure. On the previous version my chart of accounts was separated under income and expense but the new version is alphabetical with income and expense mixed. Is there a way to revert back to separate income and expense lines.

Hi @KyRSL, welcome to the forum.

It’s not clear what you are referring to since my Chart of Accounts shows everything categorized and in order.

Please provide more information as a start such as:

  1. Version and Edition of Manager
  2. Screenshot of the screen where your trail balance is all mixed up

Thanks for the reply, hope this work as not very computer literate.
This is the free version

Screenshot 2023-05-04 091408

@KyRSL, when showing a screenshot? Capture the entire screen. We have no idea what you are showing, but it isn’t your chart of accounts. It appears to be a dropdown menu. Those have always been alphabetical to my knowledge.

Previous version had Income then expenses in this drop-down menu, alphabetically listed under each heading, now the entire drop-down is alphabetical with income and expenses mixed

I can not reproduce this case,
please download the latest version

Have done so but it still the same, guess I will learn to live with it.
Thanks All

When selecting values from the drop down list, start typing part of the text in the entry you want. The list is then shortened as you type to a manageable level.

You might consider using the general ledger account field [Code] in the chart of accounts.
For example, enter “Income” or “Expenses” in the [Code] field for the relevant general ledger account.
In the dropdown list, you can then enter [Inc], for example, and you will see all [Income] ledger accounts in alphabetical order.
The [Code] field is actually meant to assign a numerical code in accordance with the rules in your country.

Have done that and is a definite improvement.
Thank you

Alphanumeric classification is a lot easier than grouping for manual rummaging.

Also, you can always type search which is significantly faster than both alphanumeric sort and group sorts.

I also noticed that since group searching was dropped, the lag in drop-down menu disappeared. This could be reason why the group sort was dropped, especially since it’s resource intensive.

However, I’m glad you found a solution to your problem @KyRSL.