Chart of accounts not in order by assigned codes

help! i have all my accounts and account groups numbered in the order i want them, but the chart of accounts is all out of order, with income at the bottom. when i create a P&L report, it’s the same way, with the accounts out of order. I can’t find this issue in a forum search or in the guides. am i missing something?

If Groups are numbered they are sorted numerically independently of accounts, otherwise they are sorted alphabetically, independently of accounts
If Accounts are numbered they are sorted numerically within their assigned group, otherwise they are sorted alphabetically within their assigned group.

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Are you saying that the accounts do not display as described in the guide Set and display account codes?

Can you confirm what version and version number of Manager you are using?

Read this Guide: Build a chart of accounts | Manager.

thanks. it turns out that i didn’t fully understand the account grouping process and how the default totals work as well as new totals that i add. the guide discussing Totals could use some more detail. after much trial and error and re-reading the guide several times, i have got about 95% of it figured out! i think i can get the rest after working with the system some more. thanks much!