Bug in COA Group/Sub Account Assignment

Good day

I am a new user to Manager.io and am most impressed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution.

I am currently experimenting with it and have come across what appears to be a bug.

I have created Groups wherein I assign accounts and sub accounts. All was going well and suddenly when I created some new Groups and sub accounts, I no longer see the list of all the Groups and Accounts.

Is this a known issue and if so, what is the solution.

Thank you

Please post a copy of your Summary page here and a copy of your Chart of Account

Also, please describe in more detail exactly what you did. The reason I ask is that you cannot create “some new Groups and sub accounts” all at once. Each is created individually. So some other action must have been performed.

I have managed to identify the issue. It appears that a Group needs first to be marked as an Expense and after creation it can be moved to be a sub-group.

Thanks for the quick action.