Login Password to access business

With all respect of providing a free software for single use, can I ask if there any way we can put a password for opening the business in manager. this will help to keep the security of the information in a small or open office. is it possible ?

No. But you can install the program on a machine or in a user’s application library that is protected.

Yes, I understod, but anyone can isntall a backup version and load it on another machine. it is like an open document. the program is open but data need some sort of protection I feel.
may be something the developers could consider?

The developer (NGSoftware) already did consider this and provided two solutions, the server and cloud editions. If you want to use the program free of charge, you must accept responsibility for physical security of your data. The developer is not a charity, but a profit-making business.

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How about saving the files in a password protected directory?