Editing Invoice Template

How can I edit invoice template so that I can use my customized template to print because I am using Pre-printed invoices to lower my printing cost, so that my old software only prints invoice no, customer information, date, and the items details with total. So is there a way to customize invoice template in a drag and drop manner. here is the format I am using.

Wait until end of this month, there will be new template system that will allow you this kind of customization.

Eagerly waiting for this update.

is this available yet? Looking to edit current invoice

@Nat_Petroff Yes, it has been available for quite some time.
Look under Settings tab and then View Templates.

@Awais there is no drag and drop but here’s a little trick.
Create your invoice in HTML, starting with managers default template, and then hide the objects you don’t want printed.

first add a little heading:

<style media="print">
    /* Does not show on print but does show on view and occupies its space */
    .invoice .hidden { visibility: hidden; }
    /* Does not show on print but does show on view and does not hold space */
    .invoice .visible { display: none; }

then give the outer surrounding table a class name, so it doesn’t mess up managers classes.

change: <table style="width: 100%">
into: <table class="invoice" style="width: 100%">

then hide your logo

change: <img src="{{ business.logo }}" style="max-width: 300px; max-height: 150px">
into: <img src="{{ business.logo }}" class="hidden" style="max-width: 300px; max-height: 150px">

This should get you started, have fun.