Problem with past date receipt

I have a receipt with date 8/9/2019 and my invoice has date 25/1/2020.
I edit and “connect” the receipt with the invoice but the amount is not extracted from the invoice.

Why that happens?

What do you mean by “connect” the receipt? Show a screen shot of the Edit screen for the receipt. Also post a screen shot of the View screen for the invoice.

With “connect” I mean that I want to exclude the amount of the receipt from the amount of the invoice.
When I change the date of the receipt to be in 2020 the amount excluded but when I revert to 2019 doesn’t happen anything.

Do you have a Start Date set under Settings > Starting Balances? If so, Manager ignores transactions before the start date. It sounds like that is what is happening. Start dates and starting balances should only be used if you are migrating to Manager from a previous accounting system. And then, they are only used once and never changed.

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That was it.