Changing Application Data path in desktop version

I am using desktop version in Windows 7. I am trying to change the path of Application data from C drive to D drive …but after pressing update button the old path didn’t change.

Please help me to change the path.

New path will be effective after you restart the program.

Thanks … it done…

I keep trying this: Updating the file path (though it doesn’t show the updated path) and restarting the program, but upon restart, the old path is still active. I even tried restarting my computer in between updates.

I’m running the desktop version on Windows 8.

Have you created the folder for the new location. It does not change the location if the new folder does not exist. If all else fails, backup the Manager folders, uninstall Manager completely from the computer, then delete the folders for manager if they still remain. Then install a fresh install of Manager and import the data from your backup.