Changes to custom reports!

In the latest version, the ability to print the journal entry from the customized reports has been cancelled… Why?
No data appears as it was in the past when printing a journal entry for any transaction
I hope to solve the problem ASAP

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I’m having trouble understanding what you posted.

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I mean, there is no data that appears when querying as it was before the last update

I used this custom report as journal entry, but now it doesn’t exist !!!

You cannot now, nor have you ever been able to, use custom reports as journal entries.

I have the same problem. Previously the transaction field say Journal Entry - Reference, now the Journal Entry does not appear anymore. Or it said Purchase Invoices - reference. Now the Purchase Invoice does not appear anymore. I hope this can be fixed soon, otherwise what field can we use that tell us the source of the transaction now.

I see now the problem. If you look at the Manager guides under custom report, the TransactionName option is missing currently.

This is a big problem for us. The legally accountant did not agree to approve the financial statements until after giving him the documents of the journal entries from custom reports, I hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

@Mohammed_Taha, it sounds like you are misusing journal entries. Those should be rare when using Manager. And have you looked at the General Ledger Transactions report?

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Custom reports are undergoing a major redesign at the moment.

The end result should be more capable and flexible. Some artefacts could appear but the will be fixed eventually.

@Mohammed_Taha while we are waiting for the custom reports to be finalized, you can use this settings to get your journal report out, just make sure all journals have ref nrs, otherwise it will not show.

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@Mohammed_Taha did you see this is fixed, the option TransactionName is back.

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Nothing has changed !!

Mine work.

Yes TransactionName is back

TransactionName is back