Change the position of the tax coloumn as custom line item

how to show tax coloumn in last row.

You could only do this by a very major rewrite of a theme.

@Tut can u point out the exact code to which i can work out with.

No. This isn’t a coding forum.

yes i know. asking u direction. so i can walk along using that approach.

  • Manager doesn’t support this function.
  • It could be customised / programmed to do it but not easily.
  • That type of customisation requires professional programming skill.
  • For such task with all applications, you need to employ a programmer if you don’t have the skills yourself. (Your request suggest you can not scope the task so less likely to be able to do the task).
  • There is no programming subforum for Manager however even if there was, without being able to do the majority of the coding your self, the most that would help you would be to contact a programmer you could hire.
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And remember, soliciting or advertising work to be done violates the rules of the forum.

i just want to display the tax coloumn to right side at last only. other than that no changes at all.

i really dont wana violate anything. i just want to display tax at extreme right only. it is only related to displaying n no code changes at all.

@manishkumarshivam, your posts strongly suggest you do not have the skills to accomplish what you want. Your belief that no code changes would be required confirm this. Everything about your request would require code changes. If you are determined to try this, hire a local programmer with Liquid experience.

well i do know code changes occur. i meant that i dont wana modify the whole accounting in a way that will violate the rules.