Line Item Custom Field Report


when can we have the report for custom field on the line items please?

Thank you.

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Not yet possible but this is coming soon within custom reports. The idea for new custom reports is to make all the data Manager has available for custom queries.


Thank you for the response. I’ve been waiting for this and maybe others also.


Please do on immediately

@lubos is this now possible to access line-item custom field in the custom report?
We track 2 unit of measures - bags and kgs. We purchase and invoice by kg so that’s our primary unit of measure but we also need to track the number of bags available which are added to the purchase and sales invoices as a line-item custom field and it would be great to generate a custom report whereby bags in purchase invoices less the bags in sales invoice would be equal to the bags in the stocks. Please advise. Thanks.

Adding contents of a custom field is most likely to be achievable with a report transformation.

Custom fields are available for transactions however I haven’t been able to work out which custom fields are available at that level.

Lines in purchase invoices are stored in “Lines” data object which exposes custom fields but as the “Lines” object is currently not accessible. If it was what you ask would probably be achievable via this approach.