Additional report for Fixed Asset

Hello @lubos The current fixed Asset summary report is great but I feel more could be done to improve fixed Asset reporting.

Most users create various control accounts to handle fixed asset reporting. For example, Control accounts for Furniture and Fittings, for Motor Vehicles, for Computer and Accessories and for equipment.
It would be nice if there was a report that could display Asset Summary according to their control account as shown below;


This report could be called the Fixed Asset Summary and the current one renamed to Fixed Asset Items summary.

Reasons this report will help

  1. There wouldn’t be the need to split the Fixed Asset Accumulated Depreciation Account on the balance sheet or summary page to show accumulated depreciation for every control account (Furniture, computers, or whatever groupings based on control accounts) as some of us have requested, the breakdown will be here in the report.

  2. A quicker way to know balances for control accounts under fixed assets.

  3. Saves time, accountants don’t have to extract the Items list and try to create a report like in the above picture.

  4. Easily do fixed asset tax accounting

This report would be an addition to the current report and not a replacement as the current report also displays very important report fixed asset itemwise.

Same for Intangible Assets