Depreciation entries

Is there a report or custom report that I can see all depreciation entries between dates that includes Date, name of asset, depreciation rate and amount and as a bonus a custom field. Like the
Depreciation Calculation Worksheet but with all dates of entries

And is there a way of putting a custom field on the Depreciation Calculation Worksheet

No. You have been asking questions about fixed assets for years, and you know there is not.

Not unless you create one. That’s what custom refers to. You design it yourself. But with the new custom report framework, you can do so.

Thats a silly thing to say as the system has been updated over the years and I only ever use 6 months of the year so changes do happen. Plus I get frightened about what to ask because you jump on me every time so tried to ask in a way you would not hense the custom report part I have tried a custom report but could not figure out how with the new updates. I did try and ask the other day but you jumped on me for that to and made out I was in the wrong post and you did not know what I was asking . I was showing a custom report of what I had so far and how I could add the rest.

It is possible to create a Custom Report to include all the parameters you requested, except for the rate. A custom field, for rate could be added to achieve this, but why don’t you request @lubos to include a parameter or the Fixed Asset rate in Custom Reports.

I have used CF in the alias to indicate that these are custom fields.
You will need the latest version 20.6.62 to do this.

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The latest version (20.6.63) is exposing more fields. You can do something like this:

Thank you so much. I did download a newer version this morning (.62) but when you answered I noticed there was a .63 so have re downloaded and followed what you said and its perfect.
Thank you so much