Is there a faster way to do this

Alot of the payments came through as Receipts so I have been changing them 1 by 1 is there a quicker way

Batch update, however, make sure you backup and track your changes before they take place.

Thanks some how I now need to explain to the client why she was charged so much GST the last 2 months

It happens to everyone at some point :sweat_smile:

Its pages and pages and not just 1 expense account but a few
Never mind I am hoping it has not done that to all my clients

Payment / receipt is set by default based on the sign of “amount”

If you manually change between a payment and receipt that is equivalent to changing the sign of each amount. Doing both results in a neutral overall change.

After your changes do your bank accounts still reconcile?

They were all set at -xxx when they were imported

Balk update does not work,
Oh well have my days work cut out for me lol

Do a batch update on Receipts & Payments.

There is a column labelled “Type” in the batch update file, just change its values from Receipts to Payments and that should do the trick.

Cool thanks do you know can I just paste the expenses back to manager and the sales will still stay in manager or do I have to paste back over the whole lot

You only have to paste whatever you changed back into manager.

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Now you have confused me. Do you mean:

  1. After bank import the receipt/ payment field contains the text “-xxxx”. If so that sounds like a partial program update bug. What version of Manager are you using? The easiest fix maybe to undo the bank import and wait for the feature to be fixed.

  2. After bank import the receipt / payment field is set to receipt or payment but the opposite to all your manually entered transactions. In which case a careful examination of receipt / payment conventions is required to work out how best to work with Manager.

  3. Transactions were manually entered but with the wrong payment / receipt setting by accident. In which case manual or batch update would work well.

Thank you Thank you Thank you you saved me hours and hours of work

@Patch It was in past months 2019 the end of the 2020 year is ok.So if it was a bug its been fixed
and thankfully I can do GST adjustments and attache a letter explaining why the adjustment occurred.with IRD. It is my fault at the end of the day for doing the GST return and not checking ,I guess I just trusted with good reason because I have never had a real problem with manager before.
But all sorted now and all good to go