Reclassify Bank Transactions from Income to Expenses

Hello House,

I feel this should be possible on Manager. So I wrongly entered expenses meant to be posted under Spend Money as Income - Receive Money.

My question is how do I bulk reclassify from Receive Money to Spend Money. Either from the Bank end database or frontend if possible.

You should have done a backup before a bulk operation. I think that now the only way is to delete all the transactions and do a new import

Hi David
I did not import the transactions. Instead if selecting Spend Money, the user selected Receive Money and started posting. Only to realise they were posted as income instead of expenses.

Your only option is to delete the incorrect transactions and enter them correctly. The Find & recode function allows you to change posting accounts. But you cannot change the fundamental type of a transaction.

Thanks @Tut

I found a workaround. So instead of deleting the transactions and re-posting which would have been Herculean.
I simply edited each transaction added a negative sign [-] to each, automatically that changed the amounts to negative in my Bank statement and also adjusted each entry line to the debit side of the expense account.
Hope that might help some else in future.

That approach will make your numbers correct, but all your transactions will still be labelled and handled as the wrong type.