"Challenges with Report Printing Due to Page Setup Functionality Issues"

We are encountering issues with report printing where the page setup functionality is not operating correctly.

Looks good - what is your problem?

It does not, see the Logo is outside the page borders. If the complaint is about the links in headers and footers this is once again resolved in a recent issue that is listed near the top of forum topics.

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yes i have same issues in printing invoice or report heading and footer is missing in printing.

the same here

I have the same problem, Please correct it as soon as possible

and when language is changed into Arabic , we cant scale the print out .

Look good in Cloud Edition v24.6.23.1675, Microsoft Edge Browser Windows 11.

Same issue. It works ok when page is not scrolled down. When we scroll it down even a lil bit then clicking on print causes this issue.
Scroll bar needs to be at top if you want to get ok results.

Did you solve your problem?

Yes, it solved automatically.