Cashflow Statements

How do I configure the Application to get the Cash flow statement from the Desktop edition?

Under Reports you can generate the Cash Summary Report, there isn’t a report called Cash Flow Statement

You can give the Cash Summary report any title you like. But it does not follow the typical layout of a Statement of Cash Flows. Such a document is challenging to produce in a universal format, as it is highly tailored to the chart of accounts and the operations of an organization.

Cashflow statement hasn’t been implemented yet. There is Cash Summary but that’s different report.

Cash inflows for sources of revenue would be very very useful.
The problem is:
a) Accrual revenue will only report the Invoiced sales.
b) Cash basis P&L Stmt doesn’t accurately report Cash Received from Customers as those overpayments from customers received in advance of the year are REMOVED from the income and recorded as an Equity (Liability or Credit to the Accounts Recble Asset) as it is were Accrual accounting.
so neither is correct for reporting the actual cash received in a reporting period.
How can we find this? If we knew how to retrieve that figure, it would be very handy.
When will you allow us to design our own CUSTOM REPORTS as one of the items many small business operators want to know is the Cash Received each quarter? ===> essential for BAS Reporting in Australia.


This is not correct, there is no requirement on the BAS to report cash received or cash paid.
There is however, a requirement to report sales & purchases and the GST component of those sales & purchases.

The BAS sales & purchases is not limited to only P&L related transactions, it also includes asset related transactions - inventory, equipment etc.

The same applies to any “complete” cash flow statement, it is not limited to only P&L transactions, it must also include the cash flow impacts in asset & liability movements.

Thanks for that reply Brucanna,
I know all of that. the question is: how can your system report the CASH RECEIVED from various sources of income ( and sales of assets etc).
Cash received each quarter is therefore very essential for BAS and other reporting to stakeholders.

Please help small business owners to generate a report that shows cash receipts.
You don’t have to design a Cash Flow Statement in accordance with Acctg Standards. Just some way of extracting cash receipts from income sources.
When are you going to allow us to design Custom Reports = one that contains Cash Receipts from income sources.

As previously stated this is not correct.
You could have CASH RECEIVED from a bank loan, this is not a BAS reportable transaction.
You could have CASH RECEIVED from private funds, this is not a BAS reportable transaction.

What is essential for BAS, is the reporting of all transactions that have a BAS reportable component regardless of them being from a cash or credit transaction.

Cash receipts are not restricted to income sources, income sources are only part of Cash Receipts.

Have you reviewed under Reports - CASH SUMMARY - as a solution.