Cash Flow Statement or Report

What about creating a report like this: -

This will show how the cash flow situation stands.

You can already get a report like this… just go to Profit & Loss Statement and add multiple periods. This will create comparative layout like the one shown in your example.

By the way, this is not a cash flow statement. Cash flow statement will have sections such as operating activities, financing activities, investing activities etc.

Have you got one?

There is not yet a true statement of cash flows, in the classical sense.

Please give more info. If I go into Profit &Loss Statement, the only options I have is “New Report” then “Multi-Step” or “Single Step” as below: -

To do what @lubos suggested, click Add comparative column button.

Thank You

To prepare a cash flow statement you will need to use the totals from the Cash Summary and classify them into operating, financing and investing activities in another Manager file. I then create another Manager file as my worksheet for the reconciliation of cash from operations to the net profit.

Hi @tony I am very much interested in how exactly you create the cash flow statement. Can you please specify?
@lubos Are there any plans for a ‘cash flow statement’ report?

Thank you both!

Hi @rbutler. The way I used Manager to create a cash flow statement can be done just as easily using Excel.

Saves you explaining it here :wink:
Ok, makes sense.
But it would be good to have a report feature in


Dear All,

Sorry for bringing this topic up again. When I look at the cash summary I see a lot of items underneath of Inflows (Customer credits, Sales, Tax payable) and Outflows (Accounting fee, Bank charges, Capital accounts, Computer equipment etc.). Is there anyone who can help me with figuring out which of all those items is to be considered as operating, financing or investing activities. Some are obvious (to me) when other are not.
This is certainly not a question but I hope someone can refer to a good source that will help me to generate a cash flow statement from a cash summary.


Operating - essentially everything in the P&L
Financing - loans, overdrafts, mortgages
investing - fixed assets

Google Cash Flow Statements, or get a copy of a public company’s accounts and use their’s as a template

Hi guys,

Do you have any plans to implement Cash Flow Statement? Would be useful, saves time