Feature Request on cash summary

Hello sir, i just had the idea that the cash summary could be made to display the inflows according to various cash/bank accounts and outflows according to the various cash/bank involved. The user can select the Cash/bank accounts he wants the analysis for just like how you can select different tracking codes using “Add comparative statement” for income statements. If the user selects no accounts then the total of all Cash/bank will be displayed.

see the image below

Also, you can introduce classified/multi-step cash summary which would allow for reports called cash flow statement or at least a well organised cash inflow and outflow report.

guys what do you think

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I don’t mind implementing this but I’m interested how you are using cash summary report. What do you expect to get out of it.

Firstly there are standards that govern presentation of cash flow statements…

with classified Cash summary, the user can generate this report. We are not only interested in the cash at end of the period but also cash spent in activities like Investing Activities, Financing Activities and Operating activities.

Also by splitting this report in order to display the various cash/bank accounts involved we could easily see movement in these cash/bank accounts with the other ledgers/accounts involved. Breakdown reports are always good.

And also if I have 10 cashiers, a cash summary displaying everyone’s cash account beginning balance of a period and closing balance at the end of the specified period can really guide in closing cash registers after each day, week or month.

Cash summary is not a cash-flow statement. I see where you are coming from but Manager doesn’t have cash-flow statement yet.

I will probably get rid of cash summary once proper cash-flow statement is in place.

Well I thought I could use classified cash summary to create a cash flow statement (the direct method.)