Cash Reporting improvement

All my clients will want to have a cash report showing inflows and outflows of a particular cash account per a specified period. General ledger summary does not provide this very well when a company has multiple cash accounts.
I have been using the drill down from the cash account balances but that does not allow you to filter per period. Please consider adding cash reports based on each cash account which can also be filtered per period

export the cash transactions to a spreadsheet program and you can filter as per your need.

out of curiosity, why would your clients need a report of your cash accounts? all they would need is a statement of their transactions alone which is available as customer statements under reports.

Clients as in an Accountant/Bookkeeper maintaining books of accounts for others, not clients as in customers who are been sold to. So theirs not yours cash accounts.

Depending on your date format preference, it might. For example, with any format, you can obtain just the 2017 transactions by first searching for “2017” before exporting. If you use a DD-MM-YYYY format, you could search for “12-2017” to obtain the list of December 2017 transactions. If you use a YYYY.MM.DD format, search for “2017.12.” You don’t have complete start date to end date flexibility, but you might have what you need.

I am a consultant so I used clients in the context of companies I have
recommended Manager to, not customers I have sold good to

This is what I have been doing and advising my clients to do but its
tedious especially if you wish to pull cash report for a custom date range.
Cash reports are critical so please let’s try and make it easier for
companies using Manager.

In case you didn’t notice, @bayeboafo, @Brucanna created an Ideas topic about this already.

I was just pointing out a technique that would make things a little easier, if you didn’t already know about it. Apparently, you already did.